How to Make an American Quilt


Inspired by vague recollections of a similar quilt owned by tfazio, lately I’ve been working on creating my own T-shirt quilt. Today I finished the front side — which is about 5’x7′.
Now I just need to create the back (same thing, but with the backs of the shirts) and sew them together… which means I’m less than halfway to being finished. If I ever make another quilt, I’m buying myself a rotary cutter. Cutting all those squares and strips with scissors is really tedious. If you want to see more pictures, they’re here.


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  1. rotary cutters = so awesome. my mom makes a lot of quilts, so she has a couple. I used to use her duller ones along with the grids to cut paper for my science fair poster boards. 🙂

  2. How cool! I have a t-shirt for every stage of my life (every summer camp, every school activity), and I’ve often wondered what to do with all of them besides keeping them folded in the basement.

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