Live Blogging the ALCS


9:20 pm, top 3rd Manny hits it deep, but there’s some argument about whether or not it was deep enough. Either way, why wasn’t Manny running his tail off to second?
9:25 pm, top 3rd The ball is ruled has having been in play. Manny gets an RBI single instead of an RBI double because he is lazy. But then again, who cares? It’s not like it’s the end of the world or something.
9:39 pm, top 4th Varitek gets a single and moves Kielty to second… the other day I was explaining to my housemates about the jokes we used to make about VariTeX. The physics guy thought it was funny. The public policy student didn’t get it.
9:43 pm, top 4th Boo… double play to end the inning. My housemate just informed me that she is wearing her lucky Red Sox underwear. I find that hysterical.
10:06 pm, top 5th Oh man… bases loaded, 2 outs, full count on Bobby Kielty. And it’s deep… to… Gutierrez’s glove.
10:12 pm, bottom 5th Can’t wait to find out what happened between Lofton and Beckett. For a second I thought it might turn into an all out brawl.
10:20 pm, bottom 5th Dear Josh Beckett, striking out Cabrera to end the inning and strand a runner at third is why you are the ace. Perhaps you could tell the rest of the pitching staff how it’s done?
10:25 pm, top 6th They just showed the replay of the Lofton foofuhrah with the umpire’s mike on. Gary Cedarstrom is officially my new favorite umpire (not that I had an old one). “Hey, you guys from the bullpen, now that you’ve got your sprints in, you can go back and stretch out.”
10:44 pm, top 7th Youkilis now has a homerun and a triple. Can anyone say “cycle”? Yeah, probably not as it would require two more at bats. And now that I’ve put it out into the ether, I’ve jinxed it anyway.
11:02 pm, bottom 7th He can pitch… but suddenly his fielding skills are lacking. Stick to striking them out, would you, Josh?
11:08 pm, bottom 7th Ahh… much better when you just blow the ball by them.
11:21 pm, top 8th Julio Lugo bunting for a single… back in my playing days, this was my favorite way to get on base. (Primarily because it was my only way of reliably getting on base.) If this is what it takes to generate offense from the bottom of the line-up, I’ll take it.
11:26 pm, top 8th… and now they score on a passed ball. This is exactly my former style of play.
11:30 pm, top 8th… followed by the bases loaded walk. Tom Mastny may want to re-evaluate his current pitching strategy. Also, by walking, Youkilis pretty much killed all hopes of hitting for the cycle tonight.
11:33 pm, top 8th With Papi’s sac fly, the Red Sox have now scored three runs this inning with only one hit — Lugo’s bunt. I love it.
11:50 pm, top 9th Stupid tornado watch. I know what a tornado is. I’ve been paying attention and know that a big storm is coming — you keep running it along the bottom of my screen. So why do you have to interrupt my ballgame and tell me about it?
12:10 am, bottom 9th … and we’ll see you Saturday night!
Now I better go run and cower from this impending tornado they keeping warning me about.


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  1. And to think Cleveland management had no idea the StarSpangledBanner singer was Beckett’s ex-girlfriend. They were just lucky to find her when the original singer had to back out (something about a horse head in bed). So it backfired and in so doing baseball shoots itself in the foot one more time. Now we have a relatively meaningless game on Saturday when it could have been the opening of the World Series. I suppose the Series will now start on Tuesday night or some such and get blown out by DWTS Results show. And the joke is, it’ll still be Cleveland against the Rockies.
    And what a series that will be, God’s team from God’s country against GodForSaken Cleveland. (Didn’t they used to be the spiders and aren’t spiders from the devil and so isn’t this going to be the matchup of good v. evil? Maybe this is what Bush means when he talks about Armageddon coming within his lifetime.)

  2. Kinda liked the ‘on the road with Rhodie’ blow by blow, and thanking you after the fact.
    (Perhaps your Dad’s right, eh. Maybe not. At least the homies get a last thriller no matter what.)
    PS: E.g., Joe Torre: now I find myself actually despising the Yanks management as much as I did the Dodgers during the ’50s — but Joe walks with his head held high and maybe there is something in that: something urgulous!

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