Indians 13, Red Sox 6


Last night, instead of watching Game 2 of the ALCS, I went to the Dianne Reeves concert (which was excellent, by the way — that woman can scat!). I went out with the friend I had gone to the concert with and forgot to check the score of the baseball game, even after I came home and went to sleep. However, as I was falling asleep, it occurred to me that I hadn’t looked up the score, but as I had just shut down my computer, I distinctly remember thinking that it could wait until I woke up in the morning.
Somewhere in the middle of the night I had a dream. In this dream, the Indians had crushed the Red Sox 13-0. In fact, the dream took the form of what would probably be a Sportscenter re-cap of the game and I was more certain about the 13 portion of the score than the 0. Imagine how creepy it felt to wake up and check the actual score to find that it was 13-6, not 13-0. I had fallen asleep watching a DVD, and the DVD splash screen was still on my television, so I don’t think that I turned on ESPN in my sleep — and indeed, when I switched it to TV, it was tuned to Comedy Central. So now I have no idea how I managed to intuit the Indians score in my sleep.
It’s just weird.


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