The last day of the season


I’ve been asked by a few people where my loyalties wound up in the final series of the regular season. The Twins are playing the Red Sox, and while I tend to always go Twins over Sox in these cases, going into the weekend, the Red Sox still had a possibility of losing the eastern division title to the Yankees while the Twins had no shot of anything but a .500 season (which they’ve failed at). While the real answer is that I was pulling for Baltimore to sweep New York, most of me was just avoiding the games so that I didn’t have to decide.
But now that the Red Sox have clinched, I’m hoping that Justin Morneau goes yard one more time and Torii Hunter makes a game saving catch that robs David Ortiz of an extra base-hit. (I’m also hoping that it’s not Torii’s last chance to do so as a Minnesota Twin, but given that he’s up for free agency this winter the odds don’t look so good.) So, yes, for today I’m rooting against Boston. But come the start of playoffs, I’ll be a Red Sox fan all the way.
Of course, I don’t get the game here, so it’s all a moot point anyway.


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