Bridge Collapses


For those who haven’t heard, the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi river collapsed this afternoon. For those who have heard, my immediately family is thankfully all accounted for. (And thanks to those who have inquired.) The pictures are terrifying, especially given that my sister used to live only a few blocks from where the collapse happened and I myself have crossed that bridge many a time.
The crash happened right in the middle of rush hour, during bumper to bumper traffic. I don’t think they know how long it will be before they pull all the cars out of the river and find out just how many people were involved.


One response

  1. Or what the cost will be to replace it: the cost to public confidence re MN construction contractual agreements and performance, the cost in public dollars.
    All that aside…it is a major tragedy, greater for some than for others…and we are all glad you and your family are safe from the “fall” out: pun inevitable but not intended for inherent humor.