Minnesota Joe


I have a minor bone to pick with Joe Mauer. He’s featured in a Sportscenter commercial these days, in which the following dialogue is exchanged between him and Scott Van Pelt:

SVP: So, you’re originally from Minnesota, right?
JM: Yep, born and raised.

SVP: That Fargo was a crazy movie, wasn’t it?
JM: Uh, that was North Dakota.

Uh, no, Joe. While yes, the city of Fargo is in North Dakota, the bulk of the movie Fargo takes place in Minnesota. Furthermore, it was made by the Coen brothers from St. Louis Park, a high school you probably creamed in football back in the day, probably while the movie was making headlines all across the state. So while Van Pelt’s later comment about Yoopers deserved your correction, give the guy some credit for opening with what is easily the most famous Minnesota pop culture reference since Kirby Puckett.
This and your inability to hit in the clutch is the reason we are no longer getting married (but tell Justin Morneau to call me).


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  1. Good. Can you sway Lisa toward Morneau as well, leaving Mauer for me? It has always bugged me that a movie set mostly in Minnesota was titled “Fargo.” It just seems inappropriate. I’ll back Joe on that one.

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