Things to do in Denver when it rains


Road trip day 3, Tuesday, 11:30 pm (Mountain time): You all said there’d be nothing to do in Kansas. You weren’t necessarily wrong, but we did try to test that. We consulted the Roadside America and decided to visit Prairie Dog Town and The World’s Largest Easel. Prairie Dog Town was moderately fun, though it was a little depressing to see all the caged animals — the foxes in particular did not look healthy. According to Larry, the owner, a buffalo calf had been born the day before, but the buffalo were in a large fenced in area and they were smart enough to stay far away from the fences were we couldn’t see them (or the calf). The easel was… big. That’s about all that’s worth saying about that. Before leaving Kansas, we decided to have lunch at a steak house, where I had buffalo steak. Then it was on to Colorado.
Just over the border, we visited the Kit Carson Carousel in Burlington. For 25¢, we rode on the oldest carousel in the world which still has its original paint. (Follow what that means?) For $1, we toured the carousel museum. Honestly, the museum wasn’t really worth it, but the ride was worth $1.25. Apparently, since it predated “jumper carousels” (where the animals go up and down), it was designed to spin faster than most modern carousels.
Once we were done spinning in circles, we got back on the freeway and shortly thereafter hit a thunderstorm on our way into Denver. The wind was crazy and according to the radio, they had had massive amounts of hail earlier in the afternoon. I was a little worried about our plans to see a baseball game and the radio was only talking about the weather that had happened earlier, and not giving us a forecast, so I called my dad and had him give us a report. The report was promising, and even better, it held true. We got to the stadium about an hour before game time, paid more for parking than for the total of our two tickets, and watched the home team win.
Once again, there are pictures, but they’ll have to wait…


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