Rockies 8, Cardinals 3


My prediction that I would see lots of homeruns at this game came true, with a total of four, two for each team. Yorvit Torrealba’s 4th inning grand slam for the Rockies and Jim Edmonds’s 7th inning solo shot for St. Louis were both caught by the same family, sitting a few rows ahead of us. In fact, I briefly thought that I might have a chance at Torrealba’s ball. The dad caught the first and one of the sons caught the second. Problem is, the family had three kids total, so I’m betting they still found a way to fight over them. (And the kid who caught the ball was definitely being possessive over it when his little sister tried to look at it.) The final homerun of the night was a two run shot by one of my fantasy players, Brad Hawpe, so I was happy.
But enough about the game and on to the stadium review… Coors Field has the cheapest tickets I’ve seen at any major league ballpark (at least on non-$1 student nights) — $4 to sit in the “Rockpile,” a set of bleachers in deep centerfield. Because I had to agree to buy Amy’s ticket to get her to agree to the game, those are the tickets we bought. However, thanks to some friendly Coors Field attendants and the small crowd, we moved up to the “Pavilion” where the tickets are $17. Not a bad deal at all — thanks Marna and John.
A few of the stadiums I’ve been to have a local delicacy that you can’t get at any other stadium, like Skyline Chili in Cincinnati. However, Coors Field has what is easily the most bizarre food I’ve ever eaten at a ballgame — Rocky Mountain oysters. I asked the guy behind the counter what they tasted like before I decided to order them. “A woman asked me that last week and I told her ‘They don’t taste like your boyfriend’s.'” With a response like that, how could I not get them? The honest answer to my question, in case anyone else ever wants to try some, is that it has the slightly rubbery texture of squid and tastes like… salty deep fried beef.


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