Athletics 8, Twins 3


This one wasn’t even fun to watch.
I wanted Brad Radke to have the final start of his career that movies are made of. I wanted him shut down the offense. I wanted the rest of the team to be so fired up to support him that they’d give him run support galore. I wanted to be able to watch Twins baseball tomorrow.
Today was clearly not the day for getting what I wanted. The brooms were out in Oakland, and the Athletics used them to finish up the sweep. I could argue that the ump made the wrong call at the plate when Hunter came around and failed to score. And while he very clearly did, that wasn’t really what today’s came hinged on. No, the Twins just had the same problems they’ve had for the past two games — no momentum. Watching the games on ESPN, I find it hard to believe that this is the same team I saw in Cleveland a few weeks ago and Chicago a few weeks before that. It’s like someone cut out their heart and soul.
But here’s a final salute to Brad Radke… the last guy left on the team to have played with #34. The guy went out there and did his damnedest, broken shoulder or not, and finished off a twelve year career with his head held high. And here’s to Torii Hunter, who with his homerun and gutsy slide that should have been safe looked like a one man machine that refused to give up. And Joe Mauer… yeah, we are so over. Enjoy your Miss USA — I’m marrying Justin Morneau instead.
Time to cheer for Tigers against the Yankees, I guess. Go Tigers, she meekly waves.
Oh and, Anand? Shut up.


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  1. Actually, it’s sad the A’s won for me too — now I have to live with the fear of even more hooliganism from the drunken baseball fans on BART. It’s no fun, I tell you.

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