Athletics 5, Twins 2


Uh, that sucked.
A lot.
Once again, the starting pitching did pretty well, but the Twins had no offense outside a pair of back-to-back solo homers by Cuddyer and Morneau. Admittedly, those were fun to watch, but I’ve never really thought of homeruns as great momentum builders. Mauer once again proved his worthlessness in clutch situations and the piranhas lacked bite. Well, except for Punto’s outstanding catch in foul territory — but good defense doesn’t score runs.
In the 7th, with the score tied at two apiece, Torii Hunter tried to be a hero and came up empty handed… literally. And in the meantime, Kotsay just kept running — all the way home for an inside-the-parker. That was the moment when I knew it was over.
But Friday will be a new day. Let’s hope the boys go to Oakland and rally around Radke’s bionic arm and actually, you know, generate some offense.


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