Random Personal Things of Note


First, last Friday I auditioned for the University of Michigan Women’s Glee Club and was officially informed today that I made it. (I was unofficially told this last Friday since there weren’t that many second altos auditioning — hurray for low voices.) I was one of two grad students auditioning and last year the group had no grad students — thus I find the following bit of information amusing:

Our second rehearsal will be Thursday from 4:30-6:30 in Aud. 4 of the MLB followed by a pizza party where you will meet your Big Sister.

I’m going to have at least three years on this “Big” sister. Awesome.
Second, it was sprinkling this morning, so I put on my MIT Ice Hockey jacket as I left the house. When I got on the bus, I woman I didn’t recognize approached me. “MIT ice hockey? I have that exact same jacket. When did you play?” Turns out her final season was the season before I got there and I recognized her name as one of the old captains. We chatted a bit about people we both knew — it didn’t surprise her at all to hear that ktfilion had coerced me into playing. How completely random…
Third, I’m planning on going to Cleveland this weekend to catch one, and possibly two games of the Twins-Indians series. I have one housemate who’s equally excited about this prospect. Hurray for finding people who favor baseball over Michigan football! And hurray for five Twins games in five stadiums in the past month and a half!


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