Twins 12, Tigers 1


Well, Johan Santana pitches 7 scoreless, 2 hit innings, Joe Mauer goes two for three with two doubles and two RBI, and the Twins clobber the Tigers to come within two games of the Central Division lead and to go up a game and half over the White Sox (who lost to Cleveland today) for the Wild Card lead. And since I’m in the Detroit area, you’d think that I’d get to watch this game, right?
I really hate football. And professional poker. And the “Detroit Sports Report,” which FSN decided to air instead of, you know, actual Detroit sports.
Watching the Yahoo! GameChannel means I have no chance of watching the announcer drop the f-bomb — twice. (Go watch it, even if you don’t like baseball… the look on Blyleven’s face after he realizes he was live is priceless.)


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