From the Allegheny Mountains


I just showed an Amish family how to use an elevator.
Also, coming either later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning, pictures from my day in Pittsburgh and a baseball game report. It depends on how soon I decide to crash, given that I was on the road at 6:30 this morning.
Edit: I just saw myself on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight during the Pirates/Rockies recap. I mean, you had to know exactly where I was sitting and be looking for it and just sort of know that that one figure was me… but still. That was cool.
And speaking of seeing me in moving pictures (sort of)… I just figured out I could post this here. Even though there’s still a few days until the wedding, I give you part two of my wedding gift to Jenn, which will probably entertain anyone who lived on or near Putz while Jerin did… (Part one is a slightly more traditional wedding gift which will not likely be posted here.)

As a warning, the volume is abnormally loud. I’d try and edit that, but the 15 day free trial period for the program I used to make this is over.

With deepest apologies to the Dixie Chicks and deepest gratitude to tfazio for writing the lyrics.


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