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  1. Person loves baseball and everything about it, even the things that irk; person discovers job opportunity within one’s talented, skilled, and emotional capacties; but person doesn’t like who is offering the job opportunity: person declines to pursue.
    Chalk one up for the better choice of p;ursuing that advanced degree at a respectable institution (yes, there are plenty that are borderline).
    Meanwhile … as long as a person has a job, even if one does not like “with whom,” and does a fine job of living up to — perhpa even exceeding — the expectations of the employer, folks notice: often that other employer one would prefer, above all other opportunities, to work for, with, and to improve. Yep [but grad school comes first: you can lose a job but it is less likely to lose one’s grip on what one knows and loves].
    One of the things that has fascinated me throughout my own life and my observations of others is that a person can strive a long while to secure a position and come up empty-handed time after time, but once one receives that first offer, both the second and third enter the fray. Perhaps this is the way of the Universal One to challenge us to make essential choices.
    It’s okay is you choose school over the Yanks because you hate the Yanks … now. The day after tomorrow … well, that is one of those moments. You might just as well choose then.

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