Female Umpires


If you’re here from the Glee Club Scavenger Hunt, you really want to follow this link
Given all the research I did as a youth on women in baseball, this article makes me extremely happy. I was aware of Pam Postema, who umped in the minors about twenty years ago, but I hadn’t heard about Ria Cortesio until I came across this article. (The article fails to mention Amanda Clement who was an umpire for semi-pro leagues in the midwest back around the turn of the century, and I think the first female ump.)
Maybe if this whole computer science thing doesn’t work out, I’ll switch careers… at the very least I should look into umping for summer rec leagues.


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  1. Erin,
    Before you consider a career as an umpire….make sure the catchers in the league are skilled at catching the ball. I have observed some unskilled catchers on adult summer leagues…putting the umpire at risk of injury.

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