All-Star Roster


The All Star game roster has been announced — and Mauer’s on it! (And he was named the American League player of the month for June.) Varitek is sitting this one out, but Papi, Manny, Papelbon, and Mark Loretta will be there representing the Sox. This will be Manny’s tenth — as in two digits — All Star appearance. Johan “Cy Young” Santana will also be in there for the Twinkies.
If you still want opportunities to vote, Francisco Liriano, June’s American League rookie of the month, is up for the remaining “Final Man” position. I’d change my button, but, well, I’m lazy.


One response

  1. Too many Yankees, too many Sox, white and red… it always seems like the AL has a lot better talent than the NL, but consistently picks a poorer team. It has a lot to do with the East Coast bias and the general stupidity of Yankee/RedSox fans. (The NL has their own troubles with the Cardinals, but generally everybody else picks talent.)
    Almost no one from Detroit or Minnesota, two of the three best teams in baseball this year. Go figure!