Twins 5, Red Sox 3


As most of you know, this is the one series a year in which I am not a Red Sox fan, so as the rest of the Sox fans wallow in the pain of their Minnesota sweep, I’m actually quite content…
(Oh, give me a break… I had to watch the Twins lose 18-1 back in April. They have a lot more ground to make up if they want to win their division than the Red Sox do. Six of the last seven is a good start, even if three of them did come at the Sox expense.)
I only caught the last two innings of tonight’s game, so it sounds like I missed an outstanding pitching performance by Carlos Silva. But I did get to watch David Ortiz’s opportunity to prove whether or not he’s the best clutch player in baseball. If we go by just tonight (how’s that for misinterpretting statistics, Jeff?), his RBI single in ninth demonstrates that he’s good… but not good enough. And Manny, who followed Ortiz by striking out to end the game and also struck out in the eighth with the bases loaded, is definitely not my pick for a clutch situation and never has been.
Edit: Checking the recap online, it sounds like I missed a speaker ball in the sixth — Ortiz maybe should have been the game’s hero, but his potential homerun bounced off the speakers and landed on the field for nothing more than a single. Ah, the joys (or horrors, if you will) of indoor baseball.


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