Pictures Two Months Later


erin-willy-mays.jpgI finally got around to recharging the batteries on my camera and was able to liberate the pictures from my trip to San Francisco… which was now over two months ago. Without further ado (because you all care), they’re here. I am most pleased with the picture of me and Willy Mays (at right), but I also like the shot from my 27th floor hotel room in which you can see a cable car going by. And of course, there are also the requisite pictures of Anand and Breath looking like the dorks that they are, and a few close ups of the Wizard I cross-stitched for Breath <insert old maid joke here>.


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  1. sadly, that is so similar to the wizard i’ve beenw orking on for the past N years. did you already tell me that?

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