What is Anti-Climactic, Alex?


Well, I just took the Jeopardy online contestant test. As advertised, it took me under fifteen minutes to finish. When it was over, I didn’t get my score or anything… just a pop window with Alex Trebek thanking me for participating and telling me that if enough people have passing scores, they may have to go to a random selection and I should stay tuned.
Reading the fine print, this was not the contestant test I expected. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was the alternative to going to the contestant audition, which I’ve previously done back in Boston. (I didn’t pass — recent pop music and the bible was my downfall then.) In reality, the online test is the new alternative to the old random drawing of people who’d like to audition. And now they’re telling me that they might have to do a random draw anyway.
Ah well… at least it was sort of fun.
(For people in different time zones, there are more tests tomorrow and Thursday. You can register here.)


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  1. You’re hysterical.
    Actually, apparently I should listen to more Destiny’s Child and Creed. At least I should if the Jeopardy test was any judge.
    Oddly enough, there was no current pop music in the online test I took today.

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