What Would Who Do?


Today in my NLP/IR seminar we were discussing pagerank and I mentioned that my blog seems to have a lot of it (likely from the TTC). So, we did the Google image search for Johnny Damon and I had to explain just what the fishgina was and why it comes up for Johnny Damon.
This, of course, led to me showing them the picture of the cake. And this was when my professor decided to look up from his own laptop and see what we were all talking about.
“Is that Jesus?”


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  1. Apparently JD is continuing his WWJDD thing… we all know that George Steinbrenner has been the biggest opponent of the WBC (not a bad position to take, in general, if Selif is for it, then be against it). And his argument is a simple, don’t expect me to guarantee contracts for guys who get hurt in some half-ass tournament that we can only get televised on tape delay at one in the morning.
    Well, JD has done it, after a winter in which he signed a 52million 4 year contract with George. He’s now not going to play in the pivotal game for the US due to tendinitis in his shoulder. The good news is that JD couldn’t throw before the tournament, so I don’t see this as much of a setback. But I’m just betting that George is lobbying the used-car salesman to let the Yankees play with a shortfielder just like in softball. (I can see the scorebooks now: 8-10-6-2 out at home.)
    Of course, Oliver Stoneits are betting it’s all a clever GS plot to get the US team out of the tourney. I know tendinitis is always where the NBA teams go when they want to put a player down but not release him.

  2. I agree, there is quite a striking resemblence between the old Johnny Damon and, as one of my friends put it, “a certain savior.” The aforementioned friend just happens to look somewhat like both. He was apparently asked for an autograph while out at a Bears game, while onlookers pointed and whispered about whether he was really Johnny Damon. The most recent “celebrity” mix-up was in the mosh pit of the Cephalic Carnage concert, when a young, mohawked punk told my friend that he looked like Jesus. My friend’s response was to grab him by the throat and say, “Yes, but violent.”
    I do love your Johnny cake. Following your link to a picture of the new, clean-cut Damon was a horrible way to start a day, though.

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