A Discovery


Mint flavored mouthwash and white cranberry-peach juice combined tastes like vomit. And I don’t mean that in the way that many people say “Ew, this disgusting thing tastes like vomit/ass/garbage.” I mean it has almost the exact same taste as what is left in my mouth after I throw up. I suspect that it has something to do with the two acids combining (or is mouthwash a base — anyone know?). Interestingly enough, I’ve not experienced the same effect with orange or apple juice.
Despite the fact that this was a great scientific discovery, I don’t think I’ll be buying the white cranberry-peach juice anymore. Vomit for breakfast is just not that appealing to me.


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  1. at first i was going to say that mouthwash is probably slightly basic because it’s used to clean stuff and soap is basic, and then i looked at the internets and apparently it can be pH 3.0-4.5 for fluoride mouthwashes (acidic) and 3.0-10.5 for non-fluoride mouthwashes. so really, mouthwash could be both, although it’s more likely to be acidic, since the overlap is more on that side. so you’re right.

  2. forget the base/acidic crap. WHITE CRANBERRY PEACH… isn’t that vomit? The mint should have just made it feel cool going down.
    Kidding aside, I’m betting the Peach flavoring is the vomitizing aspect of this mixture.

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