White Sox 1, Astros 0


For the second year in a row, a team nicknamed “The Sox” supposedly doomed by past mistakes has broken an 85+ year dry spell to win the World Series. I’ve never really been much of a White Sox fan, but you can’t help but feel happy for them. And they have A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate, a man who takes a lot of flak for having a big mouth, but is a ballplayer after my own heart.
And while I’m happy for the other Sox, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed by a four game sweep. I always want these things to go seven games, because they’re my last bit of baseball until next year. That being said, this was actually a more exciting series than last year. Of course, I was more emotionally invested then and the 2004 playoffs provides some great memories of quality time with friends, but let’s be honest… the 2004 World Series wasn’t all that exciting if you weren’t a Red Sox fan. On the other hand, despite being a sweep, the 2005 series contained three intense nail-biters, including the longest game in World Series history. I just wish the series itself had been longer.
But I did learn tonight that Barbara Bush keeps score at ballgames. So a point to Barbara Bush. (You hear me, Rheaume?)


2 responses

  1. I agree – there were some fantastic games. The series was a lot closer than history will record by the Sox 4-0 sweep.
    I thought Barbara Bush looked so cute in her little Astros jacket in the primo seats. hehehe. I’m actually happy that she keeps score… it means she actually enjoys the game and wasn’t just going for publicity or whatnot.