Baby Sox


According to this article, we’re only just now beginning to see some of the results of the Red Sox World Series victory last fall. Nine months after the win, couples who opted to celebrate in a less destructive way than rioting are beginning to see the fruits of their celebration. A number of them are considering naming their newborn Sox fans Tim, Pedrina, or Papi, a theme that bears striking resemblance to a number of vows I made during the 2003 playoffs. (For those not around at the time, should I have three sons, I am bound to naming them Derek (Lowe), David (Ortiz), and Todd (Walker)… or maybe I am supposed to marry Todd Walker and have two sons. It’s hard to remember.)
The question really becomes, years from now when the babies are old enough to comprehend these things, will they be told the reason for their conception, or will they just have to figure it out on their own? Although being named Trot or Manny might be a giveaway. (As a fun exercise, take your birthday, go back nine months and see if it’s on or near any sort of meaningful date for your parents — I land right around my mother’s birthday.)


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  1. That would explain why I know quite the number of people born on that day. And a good friend born on November 14, who apparently got his picture on a special page of his high school yearbook entitled “My Parents Were Naughty on Valentine’s Day.”

  2. I’m a September baby… which is easy to count back to New Years. But my parents can never stay up late enough to celebrate New Years so I must have been conceived immaculately.

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