New homes and beds


I have been extremely deliquent about posting here since moving to Michigan. The main reason is that I still intend to blog about the two baseball games I saw in California, but I haven’t actually gotten around to doing so. And now I’ve decided that whenever I get around to them, I’ll just fudge the dates and make it look like I wrote them in a timely fashion. And you and your RSS readers will just have to deal with my deception.

In the meantime, I have started to get settled in to Ann Arbor. Prior to the start of the summer program, severe homesickness* and loneliness set in. I then attempted to distract myself in the best way I know how — a project! I bought an unfinished futon loft (looks a little like this) and proceeded to prime and paint. A ridiculous mock-up of the concept is here**. I am nearly done — only the vines on the crossbeams remain. Next I’ll have to put the pieces together. Once I do so, I’ll post pictures, as promised to a number of people (most of whom read this blog).

* The worst part of it all was that Ann Arbor technically is home, so what was I homesick for?

** Subtle readers will note that I now have the same username at Michigan that I did at MIT. I had to go through a great number of hoops to get it, as the computer initially assigned me erhode, which just looks like a bad spelling of my username.


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