Young’s Jersey Dairy


Because airlines are strange, we returned Josh to Boston by dropping him off at the Dayton airport this evening. He then proceded to beat Martine and I back to Cincinnati, from where his second flight left for Boston. But because we had to go out to Dayton anyway, we spent the day hanging out at the National Museum of the United States Air Force and Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm.
Besides having really good ice cream and milkshakes (nearly as good as the Minnesota State Fair Dairy Barn, in fact), Young’s Dairy also has “Udders and Putters,” a miniature golf course next to some batting cages. So after feeding some goats, petting some cows, and eating some food, we played some games. While I did kick butt at mini-golf (48 compared to Josh’s 59 and Martine’s 62), Martine has requested that I mention that I cannot hit baseballs and she can (although the strike zone appeared to be calibrated to small children, which is to Martine’s height advantage). And while I can consistently hit softballs, Josh can consistently hit them farther than I can. So we were all winners today. And our prize was some delicious midwestern milkshakes, straight from the cows we visited earlier. Yum!


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