In Ohio…


I’m at Martine and Dave’s house in Cincinnati with Josh on my way to my new home in Ann Arbor, MI. We just ate at the Skyline Chili restaurant. Mmm… delicious. Better than the cans that Martine usually keeps me well stocked in.
Sadly, somewhere in my packing, I either misplaced, lost entirely, or left behind my scorebook. Martine, Dave, and I are going to a Reds game Tuesday night — Martine is trying to work her connections to get us good seats. So, if I want to score the game, I’ll have to use the poor interface that comes in the program or buy another book beforehand. But sadly, I think the scoresheet for the Red Sox victory over the Orioles is lost.


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  1. It’s a huge change to night hear or see Red Sox and baseball talk everywhere. Here it is Rugby Town, and the All Blacks are to NZ as Red Sox are to Boston. As a cab driver put it “Rugby replaced Christianity as the national religion”.

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