Twins 8, Mariners 4


Having just listened to the Twinkies beat the Mariners on “ Gameday Audio,” I’ve discovered a few more advantages and disadvantages…
Advantages: Getting to hear John Gordon’s voice announcing the game. He may not be the greatest announcer ever, but his voice is home to me — and would be more so if Herb Carneal was his partner. (Dad, does Carneal he only do home games now?)
Disadvantages: No commercials. Now, this might not immediately sound like a disadvantage, but it’s kind of weird to listen to a Twins game and never hear “You’ve got a lot more going for you with Hank, Hardware Hank!” or the catchy jingle for Treasure Island Resort and Casino. (I suppose Treasure Island is the Minnesota equivalent to Foxwoods.) Also, the dead air that they run instead always makes me worry that my connection has died. Oh well, I suppose I’ll get used to it.


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  1. Although all of Twindom is morning the loss of PR announcer, Bob Casey, he of the Kirbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Puckett!!!! fame, Herb is still with us. But, yes, he’s only doing home games.
    Herb has been part of the Twins broadcast team for all but there very first year. He replaced a guy named Bob Wolf (sic) who went on to fame as a NYC sports announcer. The team Herb joined included Ray Scott and Halsey Hall and is the announcing team I grew up with.
    It’s a damn shame that team is currently represented by John Gordon, who may be the best reason for televised broadcasts ever. (By the by, John Gordon came to Minnesota from the Yankees and is yet another reason to hate them. To be fair, by all accounts Gordon is a peach of a man, just a lousy announcer is all.)