Yankees 4, Red Sox 3


I just spent $14.95 on the MLB radio subscription to the 2005 season. Now I can listen to any major league game I want. I considered dropping $80 on MLB.tv, but there’s all sorts of blackout restrictions that would basically prevent me from watching any Red Sox game live. And since it’s based on the address on my credit card at the beginning of the season, this would apply even after I moved to Michigan. So radio it is.
The advantages? I just got to listen to Mariano Rivera blow a save in the 9th while at work. And I get all the vocal inflections that a sports.yahoo.com or espn.com updating box score doesn’t get you. Not to mention that tonight I will probably fall asleep to the end of the Twins-Mariners game.
The disadvantages? Well, maybe not a disadvantage. But as I was chatting with Harvey, I swear I heard the announcer say that Millar got a hit. But it turns out I heard wrong – it was Mueller. Or maybe the announcer said it wrong. In any event, the radio broadcast doesn’t allow me to check. So now I’m both listening and keeping the sports.yahoo.com window open, just in case my obsessive compulsive desires to look up statistics take over.
Oh, and the other disadvantage? I just heard Derek Jeter hit a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the ninth to end the game. Damn him.


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  1. Dude, the solution is not giving money to Major League Baseball, it’s buying a wireless set! And by ‘wireless set’ I mean radio. Johnston-style. 😉
    Seriously, though, I discovered this today while trying to get some coverage of the game sitting at my desk. I think a radio is the solution. I’m a goddamned cheapskate or something. Radios are less that $14.95, right? In any event, I can listen to other things on ’em too.

  2. Ahh… but a radio in Boston does not broadcast Twins games. And I suspect that a radio in Michigan will not either… nor will it broadcast Red Sox games. And I’ll be damned if come September I’m going to be stuck listening to Tigers games.
    I know Scott wouldn’t approve, but Scott doesn’t approve of most things I do.

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