Yankees 9, Red Sox 2


Well, that was not the game I wanted to spend my evening watching. Although I’ve got to say… Hideki Matsui is one heckuva ballplayer. He made the defensive play of the game by robbing Millar of a homerun in the 3rd and followed with a homerun of his own in the 8th. Yankee or not, I both respect and slightly fear the man.
According to the Red Sox post-game show, these were the two positive things that came out of this game:

  • No one got hurt
  • The Sox got to use their bullpen.

These were the only positive things that came out of this game?!?! Let’s hope for better things in future games.
Tomorrow, the Sox and Yanks take a day off. But the Twins, winners of this year’s Mayor’s Cup, open the season with an afternoon game in Seattle… which means 5:05 on the East Coast. Brad Radke’s set to get the start against Jamie Moyer.


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