Blowing my nose


As anyone who has talked to me in the past few days can attest, I have a pretty bad cold, complete with runny nose. Unfortunately, I left my kleenex at home and thus I went downstairs to the MGH gift shop to buy some. But, much to my dismay, they were out of the regular kind. Luckily for me, they had plenty of designer tissues.
That’s right, folks. For $1.50 for a pack of 10, you can buy designer tissues with which to blow your nose. You can see the style I selected here. Now, just to be clear, this design is not on the box, but repeated on the tissue itself. Very stylish, indeed.
Of course, there is a downside. They’re 4-ply and are only slightly softer than printer paper. My nose, somewhat sensitive at the moment, couldn’t take being scratched for very long. Thus I have replaced my 15¢ apiece designer tissues with free plain white napkins from the cafeteria.


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  1. Watch out for Lily’s advice: there are some countries where you would be little better off than were to to be using wax paper. (Uh, but that’s right: you are here! How Charm’n!)

  2. One of the speakers at my HS graduation told a story about how after he graduated from HS he and his friend would mail each other samples of toilet paper from different places they would visit. Apparently the European standard was 1-ply sandpaper, so consider yourself lucky…

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