The Mayor’s Cup


Recently my father told me about a spring training tradition that I had surprisingly never heard of. “Surprisingly” because it involves my two favorite American League teams (no, not the Tigers… I’m still working on warming up to them). Each year, the Twins and the Red Sox train in Fort Myers, FL and as a result, they play each other a fair number of times (six this year). The team that wins the spring training series takes home the annual Mayor’s Cup.
After yesterday’s 4-2 victory by the Twinkies, the series is tied at 2-2. Joe Mauer, who I remember as the star quarterback for the Cretin Durham Hall team that trounced my high school’s football team by some ridiculous score, was back behind the plate after some knee problems and went 2-2, scoring the first run of the game.
However, since the Sox won the cup last year, if the series results in a 3-3 tie, they’ll retain ownership. Thus, if the Twins want to win it, they’ll have to win the next two games.
In other baseball news, Tony Oliva was 15 votes shy of gaining entrance to the Hall of Fame via the Veterans Committee. In fact, no one gained the 60 votes (75%) necessary to earn a plaque in the Hall. This was Oliva’s last year of eligibility. Sorry, Tony, you was robbed.


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  1. Yes, Tony O was robbed and robbed by his peers. It’s a mystery to me how they pick Veteran’s entries although I think it has something to do with whether or not the player played in New York.
    Tony O had an incredible career cut short by bad knees. Knees that had he injured them today quite probably would have been simple ops and little time lost.
    But for you newenglanders, Tony O also shares a career with one Tony (C)onigliaro of the Boston Red Sox. The two players came into the American League about the same time and were considered the league’s next superstars. Both players were beaned in the same year with Tony C’s much the worse. It effectively ended his career although he struggled for years to come back from the double vision and such. Eventually, he even tried to make it as a pitcher.
    Tony O’s beaning wasn’t as traumatic, but it did result in him using a batting helmet with an earflap, just one flap on the right side or the side facing the pitcher. He’s the first player in the majors to use a helmet with the extra protection.
    I suspect I could list a dozen or so coincidences between the two, but as they say, you can look it up.
    Condolences to Red Sox fans on the passing of one of the greatest Sox pitchers, Dick Radatz. He had a relatively short career, but it was one of those that changed the way baseball is played.

  2. It’s March 31 and it’s official, the Twins clinched the Mayor’s Cup today with a 4-2 win over the Red Sox. (The win matches the Grapefruit League record for the teams as the Twins won the series 4-2 as well.)
    The Red Sox have never won a World Series without also possessing the Cup, so I guess this better luck next year for Bosox fans.