And it starts…


First spring training game today for both my hometown team (the Twins) and my adopted hometown team (the Red Sox). Conveniently for me, they were playing each other, so I only had to check one box score. Unfortunately, I had rehearsal tonight, so I didn’t get to watch the game on NESN. But that’s just as well — my hometown team lost.
Now, admittedly, I’m not one for following off-season trades, unless a major player is involved and I can’t avoid hearing about it. When one season ends, I prefer to wait until spring training to take notice of all the changes in the roster. So forgive me for not noticing until now that Christian “Mr. Triple” Guzman is no longer a Twin, but an Exp… er, Washington National. I’m going to miss watching him zip around the bases.
And since it’s very likely that I’ll be living just outside of Detroit by next fall, I checked up on the Tigers. They creamed the Phillies 9-1. <sarcasm>Oh joy, oh bliss.</sarcasm>
Man, how am I supposed to get excited about the Detroit Tigers?


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  1. It’s sad to think I’m such a product of advertising, but so be it, the Twins have a stellar marketing team. My favorite thing about Guzman was the

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