Two bits


After having not seen a new state quarter since I came across Texas last summer, this past week I came across not one, but two quarters I hadn’t seen before. Iowa, true to it’s lack of personality, has a one room school house on it. Apparently it is based on the Grant Wood painting, “Arbor Day.” And here I was expecting corn.
But I wasn’t entirely disappointed. For today, after making change for Anat, I acquired Wisconsin. Not only does the Wisconsin quarter feature an ear of corn, but also a cow and — most importantly — a wheel of cheese. Now that’s more like the state stereotypes I grew up mocking.
(Before I put my foot in my mouth, I looked up the Minnesota quarter… lakes, loons, and fishing. That seems perfectly respectable and representative to me.)


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  1. I rather like it … a bit busy but … right on time, eh. The artwork works becvause it has historical currency (to make a pun).

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