The Devil’s Lunch Order


Today I got a salad and soup and some chocolate milk from the MGH cafeteria. When the cashier rang me up, the total came to $6.66. She gasped and said “Oh no, I can’t believe I did that!” Then she made the sign of the cross and charged me an extra penny so that I didn’t owe 666. “You can’t have that karma following you around all day.”


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  1. Oh sad. Now I feel bad that I’ve cursed people with Chinese food before. Hopefully the curse hasn’t been anything that a little Tums can’t fix, though. 😛

  2. i can’t believe she actually did that. she charged you an extra penny for her own superstitions! if she had a cent for every time she did that…

  3. My friend Walter K. W. paid his annual auto insurance for about three years walking around and asking each person he met whether he could borrow a penny — sometimes asking me several times a day.
    At one time…Walter owned two 1956 Chevy BelAires — one just for parts; and at another time, of only 50 Jowett Jupiters (British) he owned two, one for parts: he paid for these cars with (you guessed it!) pennies.

  4. Christmas is coming,
    the goose is getting fat.
    Have you got a penny
    for an old man’s hat!
    If you haven’t got a penny,
    then a ha’penny’ll do.
    If you haven’t go a ha’penny,
    the God Bless You!
    See how everything is connected? Snow!!!! and the Devil’s Lunch Order…

  5. That’s really funny, because a few minutes ago i was going through this huge database of grant funds, and there was one grant for $666,000. i must say, i was a little freaked out. the rest of the grants are for like 500,000 or 250,000.