First snow of the year
Falling gently from the sky
Big fluffy white flakes
And now I will proceed with my madness and start the Bing Crosby and pull out the (fake) tree…

5 responses

  1. doot doot doot.
    qm me and a lot of other people were walking around davis yesterday and we were going to come visit you but he was afraid youd be watching white christmas or whatever and decorating your house.

  2. I wasn’t really decorating the house, although I pulled out the tree… but I was watching White Christmas.
    It’s nice to know that I am so predictable.

  3. No snow in MN yet. It’s not feeling anything like Christmas. Heck, I think we’ve still got our Halloween decorations up. Well, I’ve got green alcohol left over from Halloween still at least. 😛

  4. I too now own a 3 foot fake tree, 105 feet of lights, many decorations, bows, etc. etc. Ah Christmas. I miss you and your obsession!