Just another day climbing mountains in the French Alps


We’ve arrived in our final destination — Villard de Lans, where Scott and Freddie are going to tie the knot.  Evan and Karen and I spent yesterday morning hiking Col Vert, which was deemed by Freddie as “the hardest hike in the area.”  (Scott and Freddie had taken their families up it the day before we arrived… we took their grumblings about the difficulty as a challenge.)

We did 700+ meters of elevation change (more or less straight up and then straight down) and 6.9 miles of hiking, according to Karen’s fancy watch.  It took us 2 hours to go up, about an hour to go down, and we spent about an hour at the top going “Wow” and eating.  I didn’t injure myself or faint, so I win.

Then we climbed down and spent most of the day drinking wine.  France is okay.



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