Dodgers 4, Giants 0 (July 29)


Oops… went to a game that I forgot to blog.  I barely remember the game itself at this point, except that the Giants got beat by their division rival and were never really in it.  What I do remember (and what prompted me to write this), were our seats.  Back in May I won a pair of Giants tickets at a curling bonspiel to sit in the Virgin America Club Level.  (This is more or less equivalent to the Legends Club at Target Field… and because the two stadiums were designed by the same architect, when I say more or less equivalent, I mean they pretty much felt like the same place.)

Having never been to the club level before, this was the first time I was able to walk around and see all the Giants memorabilia they have up there.  There’s the standard stuff: signed baseballs and bats, the World Series trophy, newspaper articles, game worn jerseys, homages to perfect games, and so on.  But I also noticed that the Giants seem to have a Peanuts fetish — not the legume, the comic strip.  First of all, there were large statues of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy Van Pelt.  But also, hidden in the collection of game used bats is a bat “used” by Joe Shlabotnik.  Who is Joe Shlabotnik, you ask?  Why, none other than Charlie Brown’s favorite (fictional) player!

Growing up, I always assumed that the Peanuts characters were Twins fans, since Charles Schulz is from Minnesota and the strip is sort of autobiographical.  Then again, there were no Twins when Schulz was growing up, and he eventually moved to the Bay Area (Santa Rosa), so the Giants thing makes a lot more sense.  Also, Harvey sent me some proof:

Below the jump are my pictures from the club level…

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