Giants 4, Padres 1


Yesterday was a beautiful day for a baseball game… and my friend Jo is a Padres fan, so she organized an outing to AT&T Park.  Madison Bumgarner took the mound for the Giants, and unlike the last time I saw Bumgarner pitch, he did an outstanding job, holding the visitors from down south to 1 run on 6 hits over 7.2 innings of work.  The Giants offense gave him all he’d need in the first on a single, pickoff-throwing-error, sac fly combination followed by a Pablo “Panda” Sandoval homerun.

While Jo was less than pleased with the outcome, I was secretly enjoying watching the local boys do good.  After all the Twins games I’ve been watching lately, it was fun to finally cheer for a winner.  (The Twins actually managed to win yesterday, but I was too busy watching the Giants to watch that one.  I did have the radio streaming on my phone before the Giants game started.  Smartphones are magical that way.)


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