Truck Day!


From what I can gather, today is “truck day” for the Twins (when the equipment heads down to Florida for spring training) and tomorrow is truck day for the Red Sox.  Which means that it’s not too far off from pitchers and catchers reporting, which means it’s not too far from real spring training starting, which means it’s not too far from the baseball season starting!  (I pointed this out to Dave and Amal and they just complained that the traffic around AT&T Park is going to suck again soon.  Some people don’t get it.)

So, because it’s time to start thinking about thinking about baseball, I’ve bought my first set of Giants tickets: April 15 against the Pirates (just to get to the park early in the season), May 14 against the Rockies (so I can wear my Michael Cuddyer jersey), and May 20 against the A’s (for the Brian Wilson gnome giveaway).  I’ve also got tentative plans to fly to Seattle the first weekend in May to see the Twins play the Mariners, plans to see a Twins game in June when I’m in Minneapolis for Martini’s wedding, and will probably go see the Twins when they come to Oakland in August.  (The latter is dependent on whether or not a certain person decides to get married in France that weekend instead.  And I don’t mean me.)  Plus, I’ll probably take in a half dozen or so other A’s games, for which I will not buy tickets in advance because that would be silly.

Hurray for baseball!


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  1. You’re not going to buy A’s tickets in advance? You are obviously not thinking about the team. I’ve bought tickets for the games against the Twins and the A’s sent me back a baseball card of the minor leaguer I just sponsored. It’s really rewarding to know I’m providing the gift of baseball to future Yankee, Red Sox, or Angel.

    France in August sounds tres chaud!

  2. Oh yeah, I should really make sure I get to an A’s game this year. At least I went to a Giants game last year so I’m not a total slacker.

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