Happy Thanksgiving from SFO


Delta, in their infinite wisdom as an airline I am frequently stuck flying, has not figured out how to manage planes the day before Thanksgiving.  And thus, my 12:40 AM red eye flight to Minneapolis is now a 2:10 AM flight to Minneapolis.  But they were kind enough to give us “refreshments.”  (I snagged a can of orange juice because caffeine before a red eye seems like a terrible idea.)  At least SFO has free WiFi.

In other news, thedan informed me of a puzzle competition that Google was hosting on Twitter and now it seems I have a Twitter account.  I made an attempt to find people I know, but I probably missed some.  If you’re a tweeter and I should be following you, let me know.  I have yet to decide if I will ever tweet anything again, but the colossus_rhode account (the “of” was taken) is now there if I want to.  (I do promise never to tweet my bodily functions.)  But don’t worry… the world isn’t ending.  I’m still not on Facebook.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.  May your Thanksgiving have a better start then mine.


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