Cardinals 10, Rangers 9, World Series tied 3-3


Unbelievable World Series Game 6.

Not as good as 1991, but very very close.

I’m not really rooting for St. Louis or Texas this year, but tonight I was rooting for Cardinals simply because I wanted a game 7 tomorrow.  And holy cow, was this an exciting way to get there.  The Rangers scored in the first; the Cardinals responded in the first; the Rangers scored again; the Cardinals responded again.  After the Rangers scored three on back to back homeruns in the 7th to put the score at 7-4, I thought it might be over.  But then in the 8th, Allen Craig hit a homerun to bring the Cardinals within two, setting up for the bottom of the 9th.  Albert Pujols doubled, Lance Berkman walked, and the winning run was at the plate in the form of St. Louis native David Freese.

At this point, I said, “It would be quite the narrative if he jacked one here.  Not Kirby Puckett level, but close.”  Freese didn’t jack it… yet, but he did triple to tie it up and send the game to the 10th.  Hold on to my quote though, it comes up later.

Josh Hamilton hit a two run shot for the Rangers in the top of the inning and once again, I thought that might be it.  But St. Louis pulled together a bunch of little hits that scored two runs and tied it up again, sending the game to 11.  (Insert Spinal Tap joke here.)

Pause here for a refresher of 20 years ago… if you’re not aware, 20 years ago yesterday the Twins were playing the Braves in game 6 of the 1991 World Series.  The game was won on a Kirby Puckett walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 11th that lead to Jack Buck’s epic call “We’ll see you tomorrow night.”  Here’s the video if you don’t remember… or if you are my dad and think it was Al Michaels who made the call.

Okay, now that we all know the reference, back to tonight.  Leading off the bottom of the 11th inning was David Freese.  Remember what I said earlier?  Well, it totally happened.  And then, Joe Buck, son of Jack Buck, totally ripped off his father and made the Kirby Puckett call from 20 years ago.  *sigh* It was better the first time.

(Odds are good MLB takes that second video down, so watch it while you can.)


Edit: MLB took the second one down, but I found this:



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