Congratulations, Sarah and John!


I’m back in my old stomping grounds of Ann Arbor for the weekend, to celebrate the wedding of Sarah B and John.  The wedding was de-lovely; held at a farm outside of town with an outdoor ceremony, tented reception (just in time for the rain), and dance in a barn with a jazz band.

Also, there were puzzles provided by yours truly.  If you’d like to try your hand at them, they can be found here:

No knowledge of the bride and groom is required…

But back to the band… I heard them warming up, playing strands of De-lovely by Cole Porter, which I once arranged for SSAA and sang A2 on.  (I also knew it was the wedding song as I wrote a puzzle around it.)  So, I walked over and chatted with them for a bit where I learned that the Easy Street Jazz Band has been playing continuously as a band in some version or another for 40+ years and they were even nominated for a grammy in the early 80s, playing with Bonnie Raitt.  And they learned that I have some singing experience, especially with De-Lovely.

After that, I had a brief chat with the bride and groom, and the next thing I knew, I was on for singing with the band during the bride and groom’s first dance, entirely unrehearsed and completely sight-reading the second bonus verse written just for the wedding.  The key was a touch high, but I managed.  I got a few compliments — the biggest of all probably being from a friend who didn’t realize it was me and had just figured that the band had a vocalist.  Later I went back and sang Blue Skies in a key a bit more fitting for me.  It was a hoot… and the band leader actually asked if I live in Ann Arbor and wanted to come out to their regular Tuesday gig.  I’m a little sad that I don’t — that band is phenomenal!

So, thank you to John and Sarah for allowing me to indulge in one of my fantasies (just jumping in with a band like that) and for letting me be part of your wonderful day and your de-lovely moment.  Congratulations on a wedding I’ve seen coming for years and best wishes on what is sure to be a long and happy marriage!


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  1. hey — the second verse wasn’t actually written for the wedding. it’s just a verse that’s out there. there’s a THIRD verse that says something about a “stork” and implies the addition of a third member of the family – which we felt best to leave out 🙂 we’ll use that when we want to announce something big. which we don’t. at the moment.


    anyway – YOU were FANTASTIC. i’m so happy you were able to come, and play, and sing, and all that. too bad you didn’t stay longer… i hear there was a twins-tigers game that would have been sweet to see. just kidding. 🙂 had to say it…

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