Twins 1, Giants 5


I should subtitle this entry “How to get a ball during batting practice.”
Despite having been to dozens* of baseball games, before tonight I had never caught a ball. However, that doesn’t stop me from still going early to catch batting practice, when the number of balls that get hit or thrown into the stands is greatest. And tonight, I met the master of batting practice ball retrieval…
The man brought a fishing net attached to a fishing pole to batting practice. When a ball rolls to the fence, out of reach of fans in the bleachers and far away from any fielders who might either kindly toss it into the stands or throw it back to the infield, he drops his net and fishes up the ball.
I told him I was going to have to try that some time.
However, it turns out there is another way to get a ball during batting practice. Wear the away team’s jersey and bring a glove. When one of the bullpen pitchers hanging around in the outfield decides who to throw it to, he’ll pick you because you’re wearing the same colors. Well, okay, I have done this many times before without success, but tonight…
… it worked! Thanks, Matt Capps!
And then there was a baseball game… the Twins lost. It’s not really worth recapping. They’ll try again tomorrow and I will be there.
* I wonder what my life time total actually is. I have no way of knowing this.


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