Twins 11, Athletics 1


That was pretty awesome.
I went in to work today, told Dave that I was probably going to leave at 11:30 to take an extra long lunch in Oakland to see the second Twins game. Then I hopped on the BART, bought a $35 ticket right behind home plate, and had the best lunch break ever — lunch was even free thanks to the friendliest couple of Twins fans I’ve ever encountered. They bought me hot dog and a soda as a “Welcome to the Bay Area” gift. So far, I love California.
And then the game itself — it was like watching the Twins of last season. Not only was Nick Blackburn on fire on the mound, but the offense stepped it up too. Cuddyer had three hits, Justin Morneau had three hits, including a double and a homerun, Trevor Plouffe (in the running for my favorite player, but not there yet) went deep with a three run homerun in the 8th, and Rene Rivera — the backup catcher to Drew Butera — launched a homer to left in his first at bat.
I think I know why he did it too. An A’s fan behind me starting jeering him incessantly as soon as he came to bat: “You’re average is .069! Go back to the minor leagues! MINOR LEAGUER!”… etc. Remember, we were sitting just behind home plate, so I think Rivera could hear him. He was mid-jeer when Rivera’s hit went for the fences, which made it all the more satisfying.
I turned around and asked if he wouldn’t mind heckling Alexi Casilla next, since he could use the help too. “Uh, no,” he said, “I think I’m done for this game.”
Just for the record, after going 2-4 today, Rivera’s average is now a massive .158 — more than double than it was going into the game. Casilla was the only Twins player not to get a hit.


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