Snow day


A big Noreaster came through today, canceling a certain person’s flight in for the Mystery Hunt and keeping the majority of my office at home. (Apparently the suburbs had it the worst as my boss called in to let everyone know that they have no electricity and thus he won’t be on e-mail all day.) But a handful of us were able to brave the white stuff, and we came prepared after making a plan yesterday. Bethany brought the sled, I brought the extra gloves and the camera, and everyone came dressed for some outdoor fun.
Our little lunch break adventure was broken up when an MGH police officer came over and told us that taking pictures is not allowed on hospital property due to patient confidentiality. (That does make me wonder about the person who took the picture on page 2 of the December 24 MGH Hotline without my permission.) The cop didn’t have a problem with us sledding nor did he seem to notice the doctor we spotted taking a picture of us from inside. But we left anyway for a bigger hill over on the Common.
Er, I mean, we totally went back to the office and were productive.


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  1. Awe man… we must have just missed you! What time were you guys out there? Plus, Scooter had his camera and was taking lots of legal pictures all over the place! Next time…

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