The Alaska Minute


So, as alluded to in my competition post, I’m in Alaska right now. Specifically, I’m at a Bed and Breakfast in Anchorage called Susitna Place looking out over a gorgeous view of Mt. McKinley 150 miles away. Back when Sarah B. used to spend her summers in Alaska, she used to post her daily “Toolik Minute,” named for the site she was living near. I don’t have a single location that I plan on being in, so I’m just posting general “Alaska Minutes,” but here’s the first one!

And here’s a second one taken later in the day somewhere near Portage Glacier (which is the saddest little shrinking glacier!).

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  1. Yep, although it’s actually a little truck. They upgraded my reservation for free because they only had trucks on the lot. It’s pretty useful on some of the roads I’ve been on!

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