Twins 9, Tigers 10


I believe Thursday night marks the first time I was ever at a ballpark at midnight. The 13 inning marathon between the Twins and Detroit lasted over four and half hours, finally ending at 11:57 pm on the stadium clock when Michael Cuddyer lined out to second base, ending the Twins hopes for a comeback.
And really, it was reasonable to have hope, given that they had comeback to tie it after the Tigers had scored in the 11th. But alas, it was not to be.
Really, the comeback shouldn’t have been necessary given that the Twins were up 7-3 going into the 8th and 8-7 going into the 9th. However, it seems that the Twins pitchers heard my comment about having yet to see a homerun at Target Field. I guess I should have specified that I wanted to see a Twins homerun so that the Minnie and Paul sign would light up and shake hands. Instead, the Tigers hit five homeruns off of five different Twins pitchers — two of which were back to back in the eighth with a pitching change in between.
But it was an evening at the ballpark in Minneapolis and I got to try a bite of a Tony O’s Cuban sandwich. So, something good came out of it…


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