Live from Target Field


Remember when I posted that I had taken a tour of Target Field and memorized the username and password for the wireless network that was posted in the visitors locker room? No? Well, I did, and they haven’t changed the password.
So, while the Twins are currently beating Oakland 4-2 in the 7th, here’s my small world story from earlier in the day.
I got to the ballpark about an hour and a half before the game started to wait for my family to meet me. (Why I was meeting them there is a longer story for another post… probably the next one.) I wandered down towards the field and saw two guys, one in his 50s or so, one in his 20s — probably father and son — looking at me.
“Is that her? I think that’s her,” I hear them say.
I look over at them, but don’t recognize them at all.
“It is her!”
Now I’m confused because I really don’t recognize them.
“Hey, you were at Yankee Stadium, right?”
“Um, yeah…”
“We were sitting right behind you.”
“Oh yeah!”
“Were you at the Mall of America earlier? My son swore he saw you and
I figured he was wrong, but here you are!”
“Yeah, I was!”
They had (also) flown in just for the game (they live in New York). Upon further discussion, we were all also at the same games in Philadelphia and Citi Field. We chatted for a bit and before parting ways again.
Small world, indeed!
Joe Mauer’s up now with two outs and runners on the corners… and he grounds out to second to end the inning. Full game report with the story of how we managed to really surprise my mother coming later.


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