and the British Isles


As a “thank you” for voting online for the All-Star game, MLB gave me a free 10-day subscription to Premium, which allows you to watch the local coverage of all out-of-market games live (and in-market games 90 minutes after they end). I knew going in that it was just a ploy to suck me in and convince me that I couldn’t live without it and thus spring the money for the rest of the season.
It totally worked.
This is not to say that it’s for every one — Red Sox fans who live in Boston and Twins fans who live in Minnesota should probably skip it. But if your favorite team is out-of-market, it’s worth it. How else would have been able to watch the Twins take 3 out of 4 in Chicago this weekend?
Also, I recently left North America for the first time in my life. Some nice Irish guys told me all about rounders, which was a pre-cursor to baseball. They have the same Sandlot style stories about hitting balls into neighbors yards that Americans have. And then there was this…
The walrus is me!


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  1. Well! here comes the sun!
    As I clicked up to the page almost immediately the pic looked familiar but, sheesh, without the text it might have taken this old and truly grey matter a bit longer to say “Aha!”
    Leave it to the foo to take notice!

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