Red Sox 2, Dodgers 0


Beat LA!
While Boston did sweep LA this weekend, it was probably not the sport most Bostonians were hoping that would happen in.
Chris Morse was off to a wedding this weekend and needed to get rid of his tickets. As always, I was happy to oblige… especially since the 8 pm start gave me plenty of time to get to the game after my train ride back from Philadelphia. While it wasn’t quite the exciting game that I saw yesterday, I did get to see Manny Ramirez get booed in his return to Fenway. It was also Connecticut night — I had no idea a state that small turned out as many baseball players as it did. My co-worker, Bethany, had no idea that people from Connecticut were called Nutmeggers.
This game was also a bit of a milestone for me — I let someone else keep score in my book. Bethany was getting tired and needed something to do to keep herself awake. As she used to help her dad keep score at her brother’s Little League games, I let her keep score in my book for a few innings — and after awhile, I even relaxed and stopped checking her work after every pitch. She joins Anand as the only other person to keep score for me — and he did it while I ate a sandwich and told him exactly what to write.


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